A Detailed account of Hajj pilgrim

The pilgrimage of Hajj is considered sacred in Islam. As per the Islamic religion the Hajj is performed to completely wipe the sins which he /she has committed in his/her lifetime. Thus, the pilgrimage is mandatory once in the entire lifetime of a Muslim.

It is performed at the last month as per Islamic calendar between 8th-12th.

As per the Islamic tradition, the Kaaba (a stone covered with black silk) located at the centre of Grand Mosques of Mecca. It is said that it is constructed by the Prophet Muhammad.

Arriving at Ihram

It is the first ritual which every Muslim practices before heading to Mecca. It is the external boundaries of Mecca called Miqat.

On the eighth of the last month as per Islamic calendar Dhul-Hijjah the pilgrims enter the Ihram. It entails wearing loose and plain garments. Men wear unstitched loose clothes. In fact, women also wear the same kind of clothes. During this time every Muslims have to give up anger and they cannot engage in sexual activity.

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Heading to the second phase

The pilgrims then head to the city of Mina also known as the tent-city. Thousands of tents are placed every year here to accommodate the pilgrims from various parts of the world including United States, Morocco, India, etc.

The following day is accompanied by a journey to the Mecca. Here the Muslim circled around the Kaaba seven times.  This day is also considered as the big day or yawm-ul hajj al-akbar.

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