Asus RT-AC88U has Received Good Router Reviews

One of the best wireless router for gaming and advanced application is the Asus RT-AC88U. Unlike other routers, this router looks more attractive due to its angular design and the performance can also be quite advanced. Moreover, it is attractively painted in red and black with the heatsink inside it also being painted in red. It works on the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology due to which maximum bandwidth can be provided by it to all clients. The physical design of this router is quite large and it has 8 LAN ports. Two USB ports are there at the front and back that are sufficiently protected.

wireless routers review

  • It promises to deliver some cool features – The MU-MIMO technology can help in serving at least four clients at a time without compromising on the speed hence it is one of the best wireless router 2018. However, network compatibility is also highly needed to support this feature. It is a 2 band router that promises a connectivity of 5GHz and 2.4GHz. It is fitted with Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset and has a neat tech known as NitroQAM. NitroQAM can help in getting higher bandwidth after connecting to an adapter. It is a type of bandwidth booster that can help in increasing 25 percent of any given bandwidth. For example, a 2.4 GHz port can be boosted by NitroQAM to a massive 1,000 Mb/s.
  • Setting it up is quite easy – The setup and installation of this best wireless router is easy and fast as there is a setup wizard to help in the process. As soon as the router is connected to a PC, the console will connect automatically. Thereafter, setup can be configured either in auto or in manual mode. Operation-wise, it can offer a robust speed due to its 5GHz channel. When router is near to the network, it can provide upto 537 Mbps and at a distance of 30 feet, it can be around 302 Mbps!

We can see that the signal strength from this router can be quite strong due to which this router is very highly desired.