Common myths of iPhone that you should pay heed to

iPhone users are the proudest ones. After all, they possess a smartphone that the majority craves but only a few can afford. This gives them a chance to make an impression of their status on the public. Flaunting an iPhone gives you a lot of attention that may your Gucci bag fails to get. However, people often forget that despite being a luxury gadget, it is a machine based on technology. Many people just ignore it and keep on believing in the common myths that one should not actually pay heed to. Here are the most common myths that are associated with iPhone and which you should stop believing right away. In case of its repair by an experienced technician, you can reach Repair Sharks.

Repair Sharks

  • iPhone doesn’t need to get switched off

Many people say that iPhone has a strong battery back-up and thus it doesn’t need to get switched off whereas the reality is completely opposite. Everything that runs on battery needs to be turned or switched off to last longer and to get a break.

  • Leaving iPhone on overnight charging can ruin the battery

The second myth is again a very common one. Many believe that putting an iPhone on overnight charge can ruin the battery, but this is not the truth. iPhone comes with Li-ion batteries that are capable of cutting off the charge supplies when they are fully charged. So, do not ruin your sleep on the fake tension of ruining your battery.

  • Do not charge your iPhone with iPad Charger

People say that charging iPhone with iPhone charger will ruin the battery, but here is the great new. Charing an iPhone with iPad charger does not ruin the battery and rather charges it faster. It is only ruined when you are charging it with chargers that are not certified by Apple.

So, these are the most common myths related to iPhone that you should start avoiding right after this moment. If you need to repair your iPhone, hire the best service at