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The company named Social point is a known and renowned name in the field of development of games. They developed the game Dragon city in the year 2013 and it was launched on Facebook at that every year. The game was also made available at the App Store for users to download whenever they feel like. This was also done in 2013 and was helpful for people who did not possess a Facebook profile. It did not take much time for the game to gain popularity. The audience appreciated the efforts of Social Point. It took nearly two years for Android users to get the facility to enjoy this game. The Android users were desperately waiting for the game until 2015 when this game was made available to them on Intel Atom Tablets. This happened approximately in the month of August in the years 2015. This was time for the people using Android to get to play the game and know about it in details.

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The mid-core players were aimed at and they raised their dragons on their own. This game even grabbed a position in the top listing of the games available online or launched that year. But the game was launched with a limited number of coins and gems which could be achieved by one on accomplishing various tasks. Therefore for users who are in need of more coins or gems or want an unlimited supply of them then they can visit websites that have hacking tools for Dragon city game. These websites also provide ample amount of food for the dragons so that the masters of the dragon can feed them well and they grow up into strong dragons in long run. The dragons are raised in a very short time and the players become a pro with high powers. Dragon city hack 2018 available at https://dragoncityhackx.com/