Everything You Must Know About Snapshot as Teen’s Parent

Smartphones have created a new scenario of apps with launch of new apps every day which has created trouble for the parents of teens to keep up with the new apps, although teen gets awareness from their friends well before their parents can come to know of these apps. Some apps are popular, but potentially adverse for the teens and snapshot is one of them.


Know about snapshot

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to share pictures and videos called snaps taken through device’s camera, but these pictures and videos remains for few seconds and then vanish away. Snapchat became popular among young generation, but later, it provided for permanent storage. Snapchat purpose was its safe experience, but the application became a source of sexting. Snapshot was launched 2011, but became popular in short span of time. There are millions of users of this app and most of them are millennial teens.

Snapshot working

Snapshot added new features such as text messaging, video replays and snapshot stories since its introduction and message is erased once both parties view it. Snapshot is a fun for teens and they use it for pictures, videos, and message sharing with their friends. Teens post stories about themselves, but its use has been extended for cyberbullying and sexting. Websites like kiksnapme.com are promoting its use.

Snapshot is risky

  • Snapshot doesn’t allow registration to under 13 children, but how can the age be ascertained while registering online.
  • Teens also connect with strangers and this may pose a risk of blackmailing.
  • Teens are free to share their privacy and this can be a risky affair.

Snapshot use needs a care

Snapshot has created worries for teens’ parents. Sexting is a real concern of the parents because some teens have been sending their own pictures and videos which can be misused by the other party by selling to the unknown parties. Snapshot needs an awareness and teens must be guided about its use.