Exams do Enhanced Learning and Benefits are exciting

Examinations gives you something to strive for, how much focus and concentration you have on the topic. They are good for assessments, selection and placement however for the nutty students, they do not produce desired outcomes. In addition, poor teaching habits of the teachers cause the students to engage in malpractices when they fail in the exams or yield low scores. They forge signature of their parents and hide from their parents.

Innocent parents are in a despair situation in knowing the results and progress of their child. Apparently, the web based programs Student Examination Analysis System Saps developed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education helps the parents to monitor the progress and development of the children and provide suitable assistance for their improvement and growth in their academic lives.

Why exams are good for you

When you spend time thinking negative thoughts about exams, it is never going to help you rather put you in a much worse situation. Instead think about the positive benefits that exams can do for you

  • Testing your understanding on the subject – Exams enable both the students and the teachers to identify which area students needs more guidance
  • Provides an opportunity to challenge yourself – They help us to know, who really we are. We can learn from those mistakes and emerge much stronger and shine well in their personal career.
  • Teach us the value of time – Time pressure is one of the worst aspect that many people face during exams , taking up number of exams right from the childhood can help the students to adopt effective time management to score well in the exams


When the child face difficulty in any one the topics, his/her performance can be monitored using the web portal http://saps.net.my, so the parents and teachers can lend a helping hand for the child progress.