How to plan your diet while on weight loss program?

A lot of people get n touch with their dietitians when they go on weight loss program because the body type varies from one person to another. Hence, consulting a nutritionist or a personal dietitian can be highly beneficial. Otherwise, you can go ahead and follow the below mentioned meal plan to lose weight effectively and quickly.

Divide your meal into six portions and eat them at equal intervals. These meals should be filled with nutrition and should be a balanced one. It should comprise of carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fats.


  • Breakfast

For breakfast it is mandatory that you have a lot of fats and proteins filled in them. You can always choose to have bananas, cereals, whole wheat bread with butter and a glass of milk or potatoes with cream for breakfast.

  • Snacks in between

You can always choose to carry a handful of peanuts, almonds or any other nuts and munch on them as snacks. Instead of filling your stomach with any other junk foods, you can always choose to eat these things without any guilt as shown on

  • Lunch

You can always have Indian breads or two slices of wheat bread along with jam or butter. Take a bowl of raw vegetables and eat them along with your lunch. You can also include cheese with lunch and drink lots of water as mentioned on

  • Snacks for evening

You can choose to have a piece of toast with a cup of green tea or black tea and this should be filling. These snacks would also keep you energetic along with emagrecendo

  • Dinner

You can include a lot of fruits, vegetables and a bowl of soup along with a bowl of steamed rice. By doing all these things you would be able to lose a lot of weight.