How to Write an Essay- For All Levels

Essay writing can be in the elementary level of school, a college project, a scholarship application essay or a business report. The concept of essay writing is not rocket science. However knowing how to write an essay is highly necessary.

Know the topic.

If it’s a given topic, the work is half done. The real challenge is if the writer has to choose his own topic. The choice can range from a general overview of a particular subject or an exclusive analysis of a subject. Either choice gives a different overview of an essay.

Research the topic.

Once the topic is known we need to have an idea about what the topic is and what all it constitutes. Internet, books, newspapers etc. may help in many ways. We can even refer different examples of essays on the same or similar topics.

examples of essay

Create an outline

Before actually beginning to write, planning is necessary. Creating a blueprint with all the research material, topic and ideas in mind will make the overall assignment much easier.

Develop a thesis

A thesis is a statement that tells what the essay is all about. It is mentioned in the introductory paragraph. Thus, building a thesis is quite significant since it is used to catch readers’ attention.

Write the essay

To write an essay we must know its basic skeleton i.e.

  • Introduction to an essay- the paragraph gives a brief idea about the overall topic to the readers. A strong introduction is essential in order to capture the reader’s attention.
  • Body- this part contains the details that the writer comes up while drafting the outline. Each idea becomes a separate paragraph.
  • Conclusion- the writer should bring a closure on his overall contents with this paragraph.


An essay is complete only once you review your write-up. Check for any vocabulary, spelling and grammatical errors, and rectify them. You may add any finishing touches, if required.

If you are going to write an essay, go through these tips. Get set, ready and go! Good luck!