National Nutrition Supplements for Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers are an erosion of the mucus membrane along the line of the stomach and upper intestine. The causes of an ulcer include excess digestive juices, poor diet, deficient digestive juices, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, cortisone, anti-inflammatory medication, and stress. The symptoms of the ulcer are burning pain in the abdomen especially in the upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting, and hungry feeling. The gastric ulcers cause pain mostly while eating or immediately after eating food.

The complications of ulcers are internal bleeding, weight loss, anemia, and perforated digestive tract. The treatment of ulcers includes taking antacids, ranitidine or cimetidine or antibiotics.

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National nutrition has recommended various supplements for an ulcer. The list of supplements sold by national nutrition site is probiotics/ acidophilus, colostrum, glutamine, DGL lozenges, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, medicinal clay, aloe vera juice, vitamin C with bioflavonoid (buffered). Multivitamin supplements by national nutrition are also useful in treating ulcers.

However, other than supplements, national nutrition also suggests some dietary changes. One needs to eliminate all processed and refined foods. One has to avoid fatty foods, vinegar, citrus fruits, coffee, black tea, and coffee. Consume more of fruits and vegetables such as spinach, cabbage cucumber, avocado, banana, apple, potato, melon, etc. Consume more of soothing foods that will produce a protective coating over the digestive tract, for example, yogurt, porridge, ground flaxseed. Fermented products should be included in the diet as the friendly bacteria will assist in the proper digestion of food. Cooking should be proper and one should have small and frequent meals. The main aim of the dietary change should be to heal the mucosal lining.

Apart from diet, national nutrition company also suggests the customers deal efficiently with stress and emotional concerns that might affect the occurrence of the ulcer. One can place a hot water bag on the abdomen as warmth helps in increasing the circulation to the affected area.