Open Abaya – The New Profile of Black Abaya

Abaya is traditional women attire in Arabian countries but out of Arab states this dress is uncommon. This is hardly worn by any Muslim women in India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. This dress has one form which is loose fitting over-garment in full-length to cover full body and is worn by women of Islam culture in different countries but is known by different names and with modification in form and style. Islam has made it mandatory for their womenfolk but some women really hate to wear this dress for some reasons.

Black abaya – liked or disliked by women?

Most women are liked to be adorned by men. The key reasons why some women hate to wear this dress is that they are not able to show their body aesthetic and can’t wear fashion attire or fashion jewelry. They are not able to match their jewelry with apparels. This is what most women dislike. Women don’t want to remain the subject of curiosity for men. Wearing black abaya was forever disliked by most Muslim women but this has been an enforcement which they were bound to follow from centuries. Some women in contemporary time have also opposed to this orthodox tradition but absolute success is yet to achieve.

Open abaya – new form of black abaya

In modern era, world is changing and people’s thinking has been upgraded. In some sophisticated modern Muslim families this dress has been replaced by some other modern attire and contemporary generation is a step ahead in this changed scenario. Abaya has its new modern profile and many women who had disliked to wear this dress earlier have accepted this new profile, the abaya online. This new form is an essential for every modest wardrobe and its versatility is unbelievable because it can be worn as everyday wear or can be worn on special occasions. This attire is available in black and in assorted colors apt to be worn on various occasions.