Popular Pokemon Roms and a Brief Idea about Them

Gaming Rom are nothing but a program which allows old video games to play in new devices like smart phones, PC or tablets. Some games come with their own personal roms like Gamboid for Android, mGBA for Windows, Boycott advance for Mac OS X.

pokemon emerald rom

Roms for pokemon gaming is interesting and playful. This trip to Pokémon’s life gives utmost joy of virtual gaming world.

Make sure children do not play more than 2hours. Online battles are more exciting and give the real life battle experiences.

There are three Pokémon gaming Rom which are very popular:

  • Pokémon Emerald Rom:

This is an online game and free. Just need to download the pokemon emerald rom and game begins. There are multiple battle fields and can clone the Pokémon’s. Choice of capturing more than 150 Pokémon’s, 25 hours story mode and many more features in this game makes it adventurous.

  • Fire red rom:

Gamers love this one version of rom as it is pretty much similar to Pokemon animation series. Professor Oak will teach about pokemon and then journey starts with three pokemon. This journey is starting as a pokemon trainer and the goal is to be the master. During the learning and battle trip many Pokémon can be captured. With its ungraded version, it can be linked with the battle mode of emerald and platinum version.

  • Pokémon Platinum Rom:

This rom is full of unexpected fields and battles. This is not the end it gives you latest Pokémon’s too. And the fossil are important in poke game, it can be get by digging underground. As it is one of the toughest rom there are guides and you must follow them.

The old version of Nintendo DS turned into roms to relive the childhood. Even though you find it difficult to understand then free online tutorials and step by step explanations help to play the install and play the pokemon roms.