The consumer support is a medium

Every business firm is characterized by the presence of a common reason to operate in the business market. The market is a place where buyers or the consumers and the sellers or the business firms interact with each other to observe the pattern of sales and purchases and state a price factor suitable for the dealing of goods and services among themselves. Thus the exchange process is facilitated, and the objectives of both the groups are fulfilled coincidently where money plays an important role as the medium of exchange. But for the sellers or the business firms, it is the group of customers that is most vital. The vitality of it lies in the fact that no customer would lead to fall in the supply of the products being produced or the service being dealt into by the firm. Hence customers play a highly significant role, and hence it becomes due responsibility of the buyers to look after the needs and requirements of the customer section, as suggested by Jan Jacobs.

Jan Jacobs, the Co – founder of the advertising agency Johannes Leonardo has been playing a pivotal role in turning the regular stories of different business firms into inspiring stories for new business firms and the modern business startups. The essence of the ideology lies in the practice of dealing with the customers as they are the kings of the market, and each and every task of the business firms is customer oriented. The promotion of business firms is concentrated in the interest of the customer as only he is the only one who will be going to the market for making purchases of the products being sold by the business firm. Hence, Jan Jacobs has a business intellect that only a few of the people belonging to the same niche belong, and thus he is a successful advertiser.