The Different Types of Server Hosting Models

Server hosting model is an infrastructure delivery model which provides its IT users with complete control over remote access to various server resources such as memory, disk, CPU, etc, to control the power applications and also store data without any botheration of buying, configuring and maintaining the server hardware by themselves.

The main benefits of server hosting are listed below:

  • The setup time of the server is fast, i.e the time taken for the process of order and shipping the servers to the destination is of only weeks and not of months.
  • The customer is asked to pay in monthly server hosting fee in order to access the resources remotely instead of large capital expenditures for hardware.
  • Ongoing upkeep of the server is one of the main advantages of server hosting. This enables the clients to focus on the projects and not on the task of keeping up the server for activities such as managing network, power, security, software and hardware updates, cooling, storage, etc.

server hosting

Types of Server Hosting: There are many server hosting models which aims mainly to help the IT users achieve technical and financial results to keep their business and projects ongoing. The different types are as follows:

  • Shared Hosting – It is one of the most inexpensive ways to host the simple, low traffic blogs and websites. The various server resources are divided into the smaller shared hosting server plans which provide the user with an easy way to have its presence on the web.
  • VPS Hosting – This is similar to shared hosting, with the only difference wherein this server hosting is dedicated to a particular account in order to minimize the risk of resource conflict and degraded service for some users. The customers who start with shared hosting can move onto VPS hosting as there is growth in traffic and higher requirements of resources.
  • Dedicated server hosting – As the name suggests, this is solely dedicated to only one user. It provides full access to all the resources on a single and dedicated server.