The Why, When, and Where – All about Boxing Classes!

Boxing is not only learning how to fight! It makes you fit and gives your morale a boost. Boxers are some of the best-sculpted athletes. Let me tell you, the notion that these places are only for boys is totally inaccurate. It’s empowering and very cool. A female boxer will actually re-define what it means to ‘hit like a girl’! There are many unisexual fitness centres like hurricane boxing Charleston SC, 9round athletes club, and others where you can join with your partner and go for some couple therapy goals.

One single word: cardio

Spending 1 hour on the treadmill will burn the equal number of calories if you spend just 15 minutes cardio-boxing. It involves working out all the parts of your body in a mix of intense punches and sparring kicks. This activity improves your rhythm as well as raises your hand-eye coordination. If you are planning a quick weight-loss then probably you should go for cardio infused boxing or kickboxing.

Classes at title boxing club Charleston SC

There are various types of classes in a boxing club or gym. The accurate class for you will depend on your fitness goals and physical capabilities. No matter what type you select, one thing is for sure that you’ll sweat your way to glory! A usual class in these fitness-centres like Title Boxing Club or I Love Kickboxing will consist of a basic warm up (like sit-ups, jumping jacks, and others) and then ring work with punching bags or partner work. These gyms offer a combination of cardio-workouts with kickboxing.

MMA is the new trend

Fitness organizations like title boxing club, Charleston, SC, Gold’s fitness club charleston sc, and others have recently included mixed martial art classes in their fitness leagues. MMA demands full body workout and requires a technical skill-set. So, it requires immense training. The most important thing to remember is that you have to ignore all distractions and let go off all that stress with your sparring on the punching bag.