Types of online essays and their descriptions

Writing of brilliant essays is a not so easy step of achieving success. Essays are an important part of all education level ranging from school to university. It is also a part of various tests.

To determine what type of essay it is you need to select the paper first. In general the type of essay is determined with the keyword as given in an assignment.

Types of essays online

There are various sites like Redacao which provides the platform of writing online essays. Some of such types are as follows:


This type of essay is also described as an story telling. In most of the cases it is the account of a true story. Online essays writing sites (Redacao ENEM) facilitate in writing these type of essays.


These category of essays will make the reader to agree with the point of view as expressed in the essay. Whether the point of view is for or against the reader has to get persuaded with it.



Descriptive essays are written to give a detailed description of any object, person, place, etc. It contains all the minute details of the subject besides use of sophisticated language and words. Make your essay an organized one.


These essays are all about analysing an idea, explaining the same and a supporting it. Subjects like arts, games and others are associated with this kind. It is also considered as kind of thesis statement which has three parts introduction, bodies and conclusion


All the above-mentioned type of essays contain introduction, body and conclusion. While writing your essays online you must check the grammars and sentence formations and other issues with the help of their correction tools such as Redacao online. Use these tips to write brilliant online essays.