Why E-Cigarettes are So Popular

People have a general perception about smoking that it helps individuals to deal with stress, anxiety and gives more pleasure. Compared with conventional cigarettes, Roskilde e-juice are rising in popularity among youths. With its flavored liquid cartridges and rechargeable battery, it is incredibly popular not only among youths and adults rather among teens as well.  But what exactly is e-cigarette?

A Brief Overview – What is an E-cigarette?

E-cigarette also known as electronic cigarette is a battery powered smoking device yet has the complete look and feel of conventional cigarette.  These cigars release doses of vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine when the e-cigaretter inhales. Although the user get the feel of the tobacco however, it does not produce smoke. These are some of the reasons why e-cigarette are gaining continuous momentum in the cigarette world.

Why do people smoke?

Although smoking is considered as the biggest risk factor in human life, yet the population of smokers is still on the increase. Nicotine is a substance generally used in the conventional cigars as well as e-cigars, which has a property of addiction. When the smoker inhales, he/she has a sensation of energy boosting and pleasure. So, whenever people feels restless, just in order to feel better and feel a buzz of energy they start to smoke. Some of the potential reasons of smoking

  • Peer pressure – This is one of the major reasons how students get into the habit of smoking.
  • Handle negative emotions – Stress and tension have become a common aspect in the current generation. People smoke to cope up the stress and negative emotions.


People give different reasons for smoking. Although smoking is not encouraged, yet e-cigars are a definite alternative to smoking and much safer when it comes to health. People who want to find alternatives to conventional smoking, e-cigaret land is a bliss!